Everything from the Boston Pops to Nat King Cole to Big Band to instrumental orchestra to Hawaiian to Paul Anka and Frankie Avalon to showtunes and cha-cha. They have been stored flat in my dry basement for well over 25 years and belonged to my parents and some to my grandparents before that. Cross posted.
All have been stored flat in my dry basement for well over 25 years, and they were my parent's and some my grandparent's before that. Lots more not in the photos. Take the whole pile! Cross posted.
Drawer under seat! 29 from floor to top of chair back. 15 from floor to seat. 25 from floor to desktop.17 wide. 20 from front to back.
This is a cool, round table, with leafs that drop and make it rectangle style. Which makes it nice for smaller areas, to save room, and for just 1-2 people. Then if you need it bigger, it's very simple by pulling the sides up and they click it easily. There are a few scratches on the top, but it can be taken care of with just a little bit of care. I can provide 2 chairs, but they don't necessar...
Steering wheel restoration. Restoration of all types and kinds. Polishing and straightening of all types of moldings. Vin. tags., title information, rivets. Please call for more information, 715-325-6015. Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
Vintage, nursery rhyme, glass plate. At least 40 years old. Used with love. Cross posted.
Gymboree button down Old Navy vintage car shirt Garanimals hot rod baseball tee Everything fits like a 5T No stains Pick up Rapids Eastside